PILECKI Witold (1901-1948)
pseudonyms „Witold", „Tomek", „Romek", conspirational surnames: „Tomasz Serafiński", „Roman Jezierski, „Leon Bryjak", „Jan Uznański", „Witold Smoliński", codename „T-IV"; officer of the Polish Army reserves, cofounder of the Polish Secret Army, voluntary prisoner of the KL Auschwitz, officer of the Main Headquarters of the Home Army and “NIE”, political prisoner of the Stalinist period, the victim of a judiciary murder.
signature Rotamaster Pilecki
Institute of National Remembrance The Historical Museum of Warsaw Dolnośląska Inicjatywa Historyczna


Letter to daughter Zosia
Letter to daughter Zosia
Letter to daughter from 1943
Letter to son from 1944
Letter written in poem to son Andrzej
Letter to Eleonora Ostrowska
Letter to niece Zosia Serafin
Letter to niece
Letter to col. Różański
Envelopes addressed by Witold Pilecki