The unveiling of Rotamaster Witold Pilecki’s monument in Wieluń – 21 September 2008

On Sunday, September 21, 2008 the ceremonial unveiling of Rotamaster Witold Pilecki’s monument took place, at the local park, already named after Him.
An official Holy Mass took place in the collegiate church of Wieluń, which was held in the name of Witold Pilecki and the people who were murdered and died for the sake of their Fatherland. After the Mass, there was a procession to the monument site for the official unveiling.

The dedicated flowers were laid by:

  • Zofia Pilecka-Optułowicz & Andrzej Pilecki
  • Survivors of Siberian deportations (Sybiracy)
  • Representatives of the Home Army (AK)
  • Eye-witnesses
  • Representative of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • Representative of the Institute of National Remembrance
  • A member of the Polish Parliament - Mieczysław Łuczak
  • The Director of the Henryk Jordan’s City Park in Krakowie
  • Fellowship of friends of the children of the streets
  • The director of the National Center of Culture
  • Father prelate Stochmiałek, and father Kazimierz Kurek
  • Prefect of Wieluń - Andrzej Stępień
  • Wieluń’s Mayor - Mieczysław Majcher
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